Lead Physiotherapist Assessment £ 65 Assessment only
Lead Physiotherapist Follow up treatment  £ 55 per session – package of 4 sessions £200
Lead Physiotherapist Prescriptions issued £12.50
Senior Physiotherapist Assessment £ 55 Assessment only
Senior Physiotherapist Follow up treatment £50 per session – package of 4 sessions £180
 Personal Trainer / Sports therapist Injury Rehab  £ 45 per session – package of 6 sessions £250
 Relax and Holistic / Energy Healing Treatments / Tarot Mediumship Readings  £ 65
 Well Being / Stress reliever massage / inc Inlight Therapy  £ 60 package x3 massage £160
 Acupuncture stress and well-being  £ 50 per session – multi session package prices available on request
 Pilate’s one to one  £ 55
 Pilate’s max group of 3  £ 100
 Functional training one on one  £ 55
 Auricular Acupuncture for stress relief £ 40
 Reflexology £ 55
Watt Bike session rate £12.50
Max session Block booking x3 £35
Podiatry Services (please contact Jonathan Small on 01926 811272)
 NUCO First Aid qualification Various courses available, please contact for further details
SHOCKWAVE Therapy Treatments
Single treatment SURCHARGE £40 Package of Care £375.00 (minimum 3 to a maximum of 5)


Please note that 24hrs noticed is required to cancel your appointment.
Did not attend or unable to attend within the 24 hrs cancellation period, will incur full appointment rates as priced.
You can contact the clinic to change or cancel your appointment via:
T: 01789 400999 M: 07870 166861, alternatively manage your appointment online here:
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