The Clinicare Micro-needling roller

The Clinicare Micro-needling roller works by penetrating the dermis with up to 1 million microscopic needle columns and increases the formation of new tissue by activating the body’s own healing mechanism. This is often referred to as the “healing cascade” and is a set of biochemical events that take place. These events consists of 4 stages briefly explained below:
  • Homeostasis / bleeding stage – activating the physiologic process of injury repair by stimulating blood components (platelets) to enter into the injury site. Platelets release clotting and growth factors forming a matrix of cross-linked fibrin protein to stop bleeding and maintain homeostasis.
  • Inflammation stage – the earlier cellular response in damaged tissue attracts and stimulates white blood cells to enter the injury site and phagocytosis sets in removing foreign material, bacteria and damaged tissue and enables the construction of repair onto a sound foundation.
  • Proliferation -once foreign material, bacteria and damaged material is removed cells called fibroblasts migrate to the injury site, produce and deposit a new extracellular matrix consisting of type III collagen (extracellular matrix is a network of tissue providing support to cells).
  • Tissue Remodelling – The new collagen matrix is laid down in parallel layers with a criss-crossing pattern becoming cross linked, organised and maturing to type I collagen (this stage can continue up to 12 months).