Acuregen Cosmetics – The reason for their development

The cosmetic industry is motivated by their shareholders to maximise their profitability by keeping costs down. Ways that this can be achieved are to produce products containing fillers (such as SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate – an engine degreaser that dries skin) to bulk up cosmetics and use ingredients containing parabens (hormone disrupting) as preservatives for longer shelf life.

There are long lists of other compounds used in make up and cosmetics, many from the petrochemical industry that are now reported to have potential harmful effects to our health and our skin.

Skin nutrition is as important as the food that we eat. The skin is our largest organ and not only does it breathe but it acts as our protection from the environment. Some additives dry the skin, creating wrinkles and pigmentation. They also weaken its protective, immune system function and can create inflammation.

Following any skin treatment, particularly needling, the cellular uptake of cosmetics is massively increased and, therefore, the risk of the skin absorbing increased levels of harmful compounds is increased also.

Acuregen cosmetics contain no petrochemicals, parabens or agents that can harm us. They are not tested on animals as are chemicals such as SLS due to known skin irritation. Skin is hydrated, nourished, healed and soothed. We have noticed that common skin conditions are also improved with the use of our cosmetics – all this promotes a wonderful complexion which is how we perceive beauty.