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The Clinicare Micro-needling roller

The Clinicare Micro-needling roller works by penetrating the dermis with up to 1 million microscopic needle columns and increases the formation of new tissue by activating the body’s own healing mechanism. This is often referred to as the “healing cascade” and is a set of biochemical events that take place. These events consists of 4 stages briefly explained below:
  • Homeostasis / bleeding stage – activating the physiologic process of injury repair by stimulating blood components (platelets) to enter into the injury site. Platelets release clotting and growth factors forming a matrix of cross-linked fibrin protein to stop bleeding and maintain homeostasis.
  • Inflammation stage – the earlier cellular response in damaged tissue attracts and stimulates white blood cells to enter the injury site and phagocytosis sets in removing foreign material, bacteria and damaged tissue and enables the construction of repair onto a sound foundation.
  • Proliferation -once foreign material, bacteria and damaged material is removed cells called fibroblasts migrate to the injury site, produce and deposit a new extracellular matrix consisting of type III collagen (extracellular matrix is a network of tissue providing support to cells).
  • Tissue Remodelling – The new collagen matrix is laid down in parallel layers with a criss-crossing pattern becoming cross linked, organised and maturing to type I collagen (this stage can continue up to 12 months).


This is an effective and gentle alternative to acupuncture, particular for muscular-skeletal problems. 

The initial consultation of up to 1 hour 15 minutes will cost £65.  Subsequent sessions are 1 hour and are charged at £60.  Cost for first session: £65. Cost for subsequent sessions: £60



Microsystems acupuncture is the use of specific anatomical parts of the body as representative of the whole (such as the ear or hand) with identified zones used to treat specific health issues.  Traditional Chinese medicine theory does apply and simple needle prescriptions can be utilized instead of needling the whole body.
The advantages are that treatments are relatively short, less invasive and patients do not have to undress.  Auricular (ear) acupuncture is the most recognized microsystem and is widely used within the British prison service (as a group therapy situation) to assist in addiction and alcohol abuse.  Tiny needles or magnets may be used and kept in place for a few days to prolong treatment benefits.  This approach is also valuable in obstetrics, stress and dental patients.

MICROSYSTEMS ACUPUNCTURE:  Using auricular acupuncture as an alternative to body acupuncture.  Also used widely to support stress related issues, drug detoxification and smoking cessation.
The initial consultation is 45 minutes and is charged at £40 when a full medical history will be taken.  Subsequent sessions are 30 minutes at £30.
Cost for first session: £40. Cost for subsequent sessions: £30


These treatments include the use of a ‘dermaroller’, providing evidence-based outcomes for ‘collagen induction’.  This combined with other techniques and range of pure cosmetics offers a relaxing and effective beauty-enhancing experience.  As with cosmetic acupuncture, a course of treatments is recommended and is usually punctuated by cosmetic acupuncture sessions.
Cost is £200 per session


(including massage, other treatments and  facial treatment products as appropriate). The initial session is up to 1 hour and 30 minutes long when a full medical history will be taken as well as issues discussed, and will cost £150.
Subsequent sessions are up to 1 hour and 15 minutes and are charged at £130.
Courses 6 or 12 treatments recommended.  Prices may vary subject to treatment and budget required.
Cost for first session: £150. Cost for subsequent sessions: £130


Acuregen defines these treatments as “The use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory and techniques, to enhance wellbeing and lifestyle in order to promote and maintain a reduction of the signs of aging.”

The finest specialist needles are used in the body and face supported by a wide range of non acupuncture therapies to maximise results. A course of between 6 and 12 treatments are recommended, followed with maintenance sessions. Patients report their experience as a non painful, relaxing and enjoyable treat often with unexpected health issues being resolved. patent pending, Thrive (TM) needles are used for maximum effect and comfort.

Acuregen Cosmetics – The reason for their development

The cosmetic industry is motivated by their shareholders to maximise their profitability by keeping costs down. Ways that this can be achieved are to produce products containing fillers (such as SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate – an engine degreaser that dries skin) to bulk up cosmetics and use ingredients containing parabens (hormone disrupting) as preservatives for longer shelf life.

There are long lists of other compounds used in make up and cosmetics, many from the petrochemical industry that are now reported to have potential harmful effects to our health and our skin.

Skin nutrition is as important as the food that we eat. The skin is our largest organ and not only does it breathe but it acts as our protection from the environment. Some additives dry the skin, creating wrinkles and pigmentation. They also weaken its protective, immune system function and can create inflammation.

Following any skin treatment, particularly needling, the cellular uptake of cosmetics is massively increased and, therefore, the risk of the skin absorbing increased levels of harmful compounds is increased also.

Acuregen cosmetics contain no petrochemicals, parabens or agents that can harm us. They are not tested on animals as are chemicals such as SLS due to known skin irritation. Skin is hydrated, nourished, healed and soothed. We have noticed that common skin conditions are also improved with the use of our cosmetics – all this promotes a wonderful complexion which is how we perceive beauty.

Acuregen Treatments

This pampering experience will comprise of skin cleaning, toning and gentle massage. This, followed by expert needling using the finest needles with a prescription created just for you. Depending on the clinic you will receive a cocktail of our beautiful cosmetics, peptide infusion treatment mask, LED Light therapy and massage. Our courses may be punctuated by our Clinicare by Acuregen medical microneedling tool if recommended by your therapist. We are unique in how we combine this melange of techniques – many of which carry evidence base of effectiveness behind them.

Benefits include:

  • reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • lifts and tones sagging muscles and skin (this is often referred to as a natural face lift)
  • reducing puffiness and bloating around the face
  • improving complexion giving a fresher glow due to increased blood flow to the tissues
  • improving skin discolouration (hyper-pigmentation)
  • improving acne scarring and the pitting effect
  • tightening pores
  • hydrates and moistens skin
  • reduced side effects as opposed to fillers, injections and chemical peels